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Freequently Asked Questions

Will I lose weight? And how fast?

If your eating habits remain the same and you add exercise to your routine, you will definitely see results! However, we can only control what you do for half an hour of your day. If you leave here and start eating McDonalds for every meal, the benefits may be limited. It also depends on your metabolism (we offer a Healthy Eating Plan that can assist in boosting your metabolism).

When are the busiest/quietest times?

Currently, the gym seems to be busy during early mornings and late evenings (before and after work). There is usually a great, enthusiastic vibe during these times! From mid-morning to mid-afternoon, it is generally quiet.

How can I monitor my progress?

Assessments are carried out on a monthly basis in order to monitor your progress in terms of weight and centimetre loss.

Can I bring my young child to the gym?

We don’t encourage children being brought to the gym. This should be your time, Mom!! Some quality “me time”!

What do I bring?

A small towel and water bottle.

How often should I come and gym and how long can I stay when I gym?

Experts recommend cardio exercise at least 3 times per week for 20-30min each time. However, your fitness levels must be taken into account when deciding how often to frequent the gym. If you currently exercise daily, then we suggest you come to gym every day. If you haven’t exercised for a while, begin by coming 3 times per week and increase your frequency as your fitness levels increase. Women frequently begin too enthusiastically and then burn out after a few weeks. Beware of this! Having mentioned that, you can come as often as you like and stay as long as you like during the trading hours.

Is it possible to target specific areas of my body e.g. my tummy, bum and inner/outer thighs?

Definitely. Once you have completed the circuit twice, ask the trainers to show you additional exercised on the mats in order for you to target those areas.

Can I do this program if I have joint problems or injuries?

Consult your doctor before embarking on any exercise program. For ladies with joint problems or injuries, the hydraulic resistance machines offer a way to build strength slowly through controlled motion, thereby minimizing the risk of further injury.

Can I exercise if I am pregnant?

First consult your doctor/gynaecologist before undertaking any form of exercise. Your doctor/gynae is welcome to visit the facility to see the exercise routine.


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121 Kingsway, Warner Beach
(Upstairs Victory KwikSpar)

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Tel: 031 916 2719
Whatsapp: 082 459 6535
E-mail: shapsetoti@gmail.com

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